School Administrators – Testimonials

Illinois Association of School Administrators – September 23, 2010 (35 participants)
Open Comments Section
  • Excellent workshop for high school level administrators and HR Directors. May need more time (second day) for application and homing techniques.
  • Great, I look forward to more.
  • One of the most interesting academies I have had over the many years.
  • Presenter was excellent.
  • Great workshop.
  • Very beneficial, I would like a follow up session and a session for my administrators. Bravo!
  • Mr. Baile did a great job.
  • The presenter was outstanding.
  • Jeff was great, Thank you.
  • Have a second level course or break into two administrative academy sessions.
  • Develop a follow up sequence
  • Excellent.
  • Great workshop for administrators.
  • Very enjoyable, good job.
  • Outstanding job and great program. Reminded me of IPA’s real interpretation workshop, but wasn’t into greater depth.
  • Good information to sharpen skills
  • Live interviews would help. Some more video would be helpful to have more experience in dealing with people.
  • More truth telling techniques.
  • Very Good. Great discussion and pace.
  • Really informative, administrators interview student, staff, etc. All the time these techniques will definitely help.
  • Would like to use these techniques in real situations or simulations; may need to expand into a two day workshop and would like principals and assistant principals and deans involved with this. I would suggest more simulations to practice lie detection with potentially more detailed analysis.


Illinois Association of School Administrators – October 13, 2010 (18 participants)
Open Comments Section
  • Would be a great requirement for education requirement to become an administrator.
  • This was one of the best academy classes I have attended.
  • Great, thanks!
  • Jeff is an excellent presenter. I will try to get him to do a session for my teaching staff.
  • This was an excellent academy. I will definitely recommend to friends.
  • The videos were most useful. Video, with breaks, to exemplify the language or techniques as presented would be helpful if time restraints can be overcome.
  • Mr. Baile was easy to understand, information was tailored to school setting and I would highly recommend to other administrators.
  • One of the best academies I have been too.
  • Excellent Presentation.
  • Well defined, got through all material.
  • Jeff made very clear what he wanted us to be able to do by the end of the day.
  • The workshop was outstanding. Practical information and techniques that can be used in my job.
  • Very clear presentation, used power point and booklet well together. Also added other information as appropriate.
  • Presenter was well informed and easy to learn from.
  • Great photos and videos to help us apply what we are learning.
  • The notebook was well put together, will be very useful.
  • Book was very nice, much easier than stapled paper.


Illinois Association of School Administrators – November 4, 2010 (39 participants)
Open Comments Section
  • Very applicable to my situation.
  • Met my expectations totally.
  • This should be a part of admin course study in college since interviewing (not violating due process) is an integral part of our jobs.
  • Emphasis in working with parents and interviewing students.
  • Excellent!
  • Directly aligned to stated goals at the beginning.
  • Awesome job resources! All will continue to be used as I move forward with interviewing.
  • No improvements needed!
  • More small group activities would be helpful.
  • Very interesting and fun. Great presenter.
  • Great presenter, frequent breaks were appreciated. Nice facilities.
  • It was a very good workshop, I learned a lot today that I can use in my position.
  • Great presentation.
  • Great workshop and fabulous presenter!
  • More time needed on persuasion.
  • Very practical and interesting.
  • Great program! I will really be able to use this with students.
  • This was an excellent presenter: extremely knowledgeable and practical. I would love to attend a workshop by this presenter as to how to conduct interviews/interrogations.
  • Setting was great; content could be focused on persuasion methods in place of body language info. Interview technique were the best part; very useful on how to phrase questions to kids.
  • Simply continue to do what you do; easy to view/use flow chart videos each section as quick reference. A cd that has the info covered along with additional resources available.

Illinois Association of School Administrators –  March 3, 2011 (17 Participants)

Open Comments Section

  • ·         Well paced.
  • ·         Plenty of Interaction.
  • ·         One of the best I have been too.
  • ·         Very comfortable with this presenter.
  • ·         Every administrator should have this academy. 
  • ·         Very good.
  • ·         Great Workshop.  Jeff gave us a lot of powerful info to use when talking and interacting with staff, parents, and students.
  • ·         Enjoyed the workshop.
  • ·         This was a very interesting and useful academy.
  • ·         Thank you, excellent workshop with a lot of practical applications.
  • ·         Would like sequel, level 2 of this topic.  
  • ·         Well done, know when to interject humor.  Involved participants in non-threatening way. 
  • ·         Excellent presenter, very interesting, I will put into practice. 
  • ·         Very good workshop, very interesting, received information that I could use on my job and would be interested in a follow up session. 


Illinois Association of School Administrators –  March 17, 2011 (23 Participants)

Open Comments Section

  • ·         Great info, very valuable.
  • ·         Very unique and worthwhile presentation.
  • ·         Jeff was outstanding and clearly related the material to the challenges in our profession. 
  • ·         Jeff Baile is a great presenter!
  • ·         Excellent Job, Thank you!
  • ·         I really enjoyed the material.
  • ·         Very realistic techniques that will apply immediately.
  • ·         Topics like this are superb, nice session overall.
  • ·         Excellent Workshop.  Truly enjoyed the day.  Would like to have a two day workshop this summer on similar topics. 
  • ·         Great Resources.
  • ·         Materials correlated with presentation nicely.


Illinois Association of School Administrators –  April 4, 2011 (17 Participants)

 Open Comments Section

  • ·         Very interesting and knowledgeable – gathered many points I will use.
  • ·         I would enroll in Part II or Part III.
  • ·         Very interesting. Excellent information.
  • ·         Very affective all the way around.
  • ·         Would like information to bring this presentation to my district.
  • ·         He kept us engaged the entire time.
  • ·         A follow up workshop in greater detail on portions of this topic would benefit me.
  • ·         This was one of the best Admin. Academies that I’ve attended. Jeff, you need to add another workshop.