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Most people assign more overall credence to an implicit message than that of the spoken word, especially when a nonverbal signal does not match what someone is saying.  This one-day workshop examines systematic steps a trained body language analyst uses in decoding a person's immediate emotional state.  Administrators are also taught how to effectively self-monitor their own nonverbal communication and how to put into practice within their respective districts the scientific techniques presented in class.



Other Topics

  • Practical application of truth and lie detection methods through videotaped and/or live simulations.
  • Testing involving micro facial expressions of emotion that flash across the face as fast as 1/25th of a second.
  • Strategic approaches for handling a spontaneous or rehearsed liar. Research has found special detection systems are needed to counteract prepared deception.


Persuasion Methods

Administrators are often charged with convincing students or parents to tell the truth.  Solving an everyday school infraction is typically more productive when the calculating approach replaces a challenging style of persuasion.  Parents, students and others who feel they can maintain their dignity and self-respect if they do tell the truth, tend to feel secure and accordingly are more likely to reveal their mistake to the administrator.

Advanced Courses of varying content can be developed for any district to further enhance learning through a practical application approach.

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Approved CEU/CPDU provider by the Illinois State Board of Education
This course has also been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education for fulfillment of administrator certificate renewal requirements.