These courses are open to all law enforcement officers as well as prosecuting attorneys, social service agents, revenue officers, loss prevention, arson investigators and counselors. All are offered independently, though, it is recommended to complete Program I prior to Program III.

  • Program I

    • Review of Specific Forensic Interview, Interrogation and Interpersonal Communication Methods
      A scientific review of various human communication characteristics
  • Program II

    • Practical Application of Truth and Lie Detection Methods
      This two-day course takes a practical approach to truth and lie detection
  • Program III

    • Practical Application of Interrogation and Persuasion Methods
      Improving interrogation stamina so the police officer can outlast any suspect
  • All courses contain:

    • Extensive training manual
    • Classroom demonstrations
    • Numerous videos and audiotapes of pertinent interviews and interrogations
    • Certificates of completion are furnished in venues where certificates are not provided by the hiring agency


    Recent Police Officer Courses

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